After watching my weight creep up and up and then feeling completely exhausted on the golf course, I decided it was time to really buckle down and work on dropping the weight, getting back into shape, and work on my overall health.  To achieve this I came up with a goal to drop 20-30 pounds by Oct 1, 2017.  That may be a little on the excessive side but even if I only hit half of that in that time period I will feel accomplished but want to push to hit that goal as closely as I can.

I sat down and worked out a exercise process as I felt this was one area that I really needed to focus on since I sit at a desk all day long and rarely even get up because I'm just so busy throughout the day.  I remember back to my days as a sales associate for Montgomery Wards in their Electric Avenue department.  My supervisor at the time made the statement that she thought I was anorexic.  So I looked back at my life then to really determine what I was doing those 20+ years ago compared to what I'm doing now.  Back then, I was always on my feet, either walking around talking to customers, helping build displays, or pulling merchandise.  The point is I was always on the move.  Once I got a desk job, the pounds started to pile on because I was no longer in motion.

As part of my daily routine, I have set a goal to spend 45 minutes a day on my Elliptical machine.  This should help at least keep the weight somewhat under control by burning the calories and building up my endurance.  From there it will be adding in weights and other strength building exercises such as planks, push ups, sit ups, etc.

Hopefully over time I will see the weight start to come off again.  The goal is to be healthier, stronger, and ultimately feel better all around.

I've been really on edge lately to point that I feel like I am absolutely ready to explode any minute.  It started yesterday and I originally just chalked it up to golf and frustrations that go with it but it has continued well beyond that point.  I had a hard time sleeping last night and I can just feel the absolute rage just getting ready to burst.  Today hasn't helped at all and the more snark I receive from people, the worse it is getting.  I have to find a way to calm down or at least bring it under control before I absolutely blow my stack and snap.  It needs to happen soon.

So this weekend was certainly a wet one to say the least.  We our company picnic on Saturday afternoon at the horse ranch and it was a great time but the rain started to fall almost as soon as we arrived.  On the bright side of things, they were prepared with a contingency plan.  We were located under a huge wedding pavilion area for eating and socializing and then they had another pavilion not far away that had bouncy houses for the kids along with a spin barrel ride.  Even with the rain it seemed like everyone had a great time.

Sunday we tried to get in 9 holes of golf as I wanted to test out 2 new clubs I had purchased from a Callaway Demo Day event.  The morning started off just fine and while I struggled with my club for a good part of the round, I still had a great time.  When we got to hole 8, I was on my second shot and as I was looking down at the ball, I noticed the sun was disappearing and the wind was picking up which wasn't a good sign at all.  By the time we finished with 8 and got to the tee box on 9, we started to hear thunder and the rain began to fall so it was a mad dash to the club house to get our clubs in the car and get out of the torrential downpour.  At least we were able to get a fantastic hot meal with something they called "Southern Grits".  It was really a great high quality grits with fried chicken, a fried egg, and some andouille sausage.  So while we couldn't get in a full round, at least the food was great and we were able to get some fresh air for a while.

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