So this weekend was certainly a wet one to say the least.  We our company picnic on Saturday afternoon at the horse ranch and it was a great time but the rain started to fall almost as soon as we arrived.  On the bright side of things, they were prepared with a contingency plan.  We were located under a huge wedding pavilion area for eating and socializing and then they had another pavilion not far away that had bouncy houses for the kids along with a spin barrel ride.  Even with the rain it seemed like everyone had a great time.

Sunday we tried to get in 9 holes of golf as I wanted to test out 2 new clubs I had purchased from a Callaway Demo Day event.  The morning started off just fine and while I struggled with my club for a good part of the round, I still had a great time.  When we got to hole 8, I was on my second shot and as I was looking down at the ball, I noticed the sun was disappearing and the wind was picking up which wasn't a good sign at all.  By the time we finished with 8 and got to the tee box on 9, we started to hear thunder and the rain began to fall so it was a mad dash to the club house to get our clubs in the car and get out of the torrential downpour.  At least we were able to get a fantastic hot meal with something they called "Southern Grits".  It was really a great high quality grits with fried chicken, a fried egg, and some andouille sausage.  So while we couldn't get in a full round, at least the food was great and we were able to get some fresh air for a while.

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