So it's been a little while since the rejection initially happened and I seem to have weathered it for now.  It didn't come without it's problems of depression, long nights not being able to sleep, and heartburn but I'm a little more at ease now than I have been so hopefully that's the path to recovery.  I try to tell myself not to focus on the past but to do everything I can to prove people wrong and rise above them.  While I hope I am able to do this within my current organization, this push and drive will have me looking any where and every where.  It may well lead me to my own endeavors but time will tell I guess.

All I can do now, is focus on me.  I need to push myself harder and focus on the goal.  I need to draw out a plan of attack and then follow it.  It's not going to be easy, this I know, but it's better than the dark alternatives that my depression was leading me towards.  As long as I can see that I know I have chance to make it happen so here it goes.

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