When it Rains it Pours

So yesterday was quite an interesting day to say the least.  My step-son works as a sales rep through a 3rd party company selling AT&T and DirecTV services.  Most days he is working in some of the less fortunate areas of town with high crime rates.  So it stands to reason it was only a matter of time and yesterday was the day he was held up a gun point.  The robber took his wallet and cell phone (even demanding the lock code).  You would think that would be enough but to make matters worse, we were on our way to him to make sure he was okay when my truck decided to die on the expressway.  I was able to pull over off the road but had to wait almost 2 hours for a tow truck.  I've been told today that apparently the fuel system failed and all had to be replaced; at a cost of $1100.

Now you would think after these two events, the evening would have calmed down but oh no, it got even more interesting.  Soon after we got home, we found someone posting on my step son's Facebook page asking if anyone knew where he was to call the number listed.  Apparently a female indicated she had bought his phone for a $100 and then realized it was stolen.  She wanted to meet him at a gas station and for him to pay her the $100 to get the phone back.  I was immediately skeptical about this.  First of all the worth the phone is a lot more than $100 so I would seriously doubt the thief would have sold it that cheap.  Then there was the urgency in her communication, making the statement she was leaving to go to Orlando at 9:30 at night on a Wednesday.  She started calling various numbers in his phone and finally reached my wife.  When my wife pressed her for her name, she hung up and then a few minutes later turned off the phone.  At least before she turned it off, I was able to track it on Find My Phone and lock it with a pass code that essentially made it useless.

He filed the police report and provided the details on the woman's conversation along with the phone number she had provided to call back with.  He went up to the DMV and got a new license and has fixed his bank cards.  Interestingly enough, he has no wish to change jobs as he enjoys the work so I can say I am proud of the way he has handle this very stressful situation and hopefully he will not be placed in this situation again.

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