Welcome to BoydNet

BoydNet was created with a simple idea, create a platform where everyday people can share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a blog format without having to reveal who they are to the real world.  BoydNet was created to specifically allow people to post with the security of anonymity without the fear of ridicule or reprisal in real life.  If this is something that interests you, I would encourage you to register today to create your own blog and join our community.  Registration is easy, just click "Create an Account" under the User Login Menu at the bottom of the screen to join in on the fun!


Blogging of course is not the only offering we have.  We are continuing to add new features to our site to encourage interaction and for everyone to have a fun environment.  Should have you any ideas or suggestions, we would encourage you to let us know and we will look into adding other options. 


The most important aspect of this site is to have fun in a safe environment so ask that all who join be respectful and have a great time!